A dynamic Steampunk fantasy that grabs you and won't let go

In the gritty and beautiful chaos of a city in the midst of an industrial revolution, a serial killer is thriving.

Born a slave, Bandas Riverman has made a name for himself as a private investigator. When a local tycoon hires him to find the "Wolfman", Bandas must face painful realities about himself and about the city that he loves.

In the process, he must also tap into a secret inner power that could become his own destruction.

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A Gripping Steampunk fantasy Crime Drama

The city of Wild River is a bustling metropolis near the mouth of a major river. Its people speak many languages and have come from across the world seeking wealth, freedom, and adventure. With its factories, trains, and port full of steamships, it is a beacon of modernity. However, its growth and freedom bring chaos, and chaos creates a fertile ground for trouble. Den of the Wolfman gives an arresting glimpse into the trouble that will arise there.


Set to release in January 2023, the novel Wild River is the first in a trilogy of novels detailing the struggles between multiple groups with fantastic hereditary gifts such as superhuman strength and speed, unnatural resilience, clairvoyance, and godlike creation powers. The saga follows a collection of characters who are forced to face the dark realities of a fallen world, to fight against imperious evil forces, and to seek salvation from the weight of their own sins.

Get an introduction to the world and characters of Wild River in Den of the Wolfman.



Ronald M. Kimmons is an independent fantasy novelist on a mission to prove that the old publishing paradigm is a thing of the past.

His style is best described as "hopepunk", or a mixture of fantastic elements, gritty realism in the challenges that characters face, and a subtle but undying spark of hope to stand against the darkness.

Ronald lives in the USA with his wife and five children.

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