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Author of Wild River and Den of the Wolfman, Ronald M. Kimmons writes stories with a mixture of magic, gritty realism, and hope in the face of evil.

About Ronald

  • ​Husband and father of five
  • ​Entrepreneur - built a marketing agency with wife Alcíone
  • ​Polyglot (Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)
  • Former political candidate and opponent of the political establishment

Previous Podcast Appearances

Suggested Interview Topics

  • ​The importance of storytelling in human life
  • ​The power of symbols
  • ​The Hero's Journey and how it applies to real life
  • ​God and evolution
  • Political reform in the USA
  • ​The challenges of entrepreneurship as a parent
  • ​Homeschooling in the 21st century
  • ​Futurism: How will technology change human life over the next century?

Written Works

Fantasy Novel

In a young city thriving under massive immigration and an industrial revolution, a seemingly inconsequential factory worker has gone missing.

When multiple influential people come to investigator Bandas Riverman and ask him to find her, his investigation soon becomes the focal point of a looming conflict between powerful groups...and Bandas discovers that he is not the only one with special powers that have long been hidden from the world.

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Fantasy Novella

***Prequel to Wild River***

In the gritty and beautiful chaos of a city in the midst of an industrial revolution, a serial killer is thriving.

Born a slave, Bandas Riverman has made a name for himself as a private investigator. When a local tycoon hires him to find the "Wolfman", Bandas must face painful realities about himself and about the city that he loves.

In the process, he must also tap into a secret inner power that could become his own destruction.

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In 1832, the American prophet Joseph Smith issued a prophecy of an impending civil war between the North and the South in the USA. Critics have long dismissed that prophecy as either incorrect or too obvious to be considered prescient.

In this book, Kimmons details the specifics of Smith's prognostication and shows how it was acute, accurate, and meaningful on every point.

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***Coming soon!***

What is our origin? Are we the product of chance and randomness? Or do we trace our ancestry back to some act of Divinity? If God really did create us, did that process involve evolution somehow?

In this book, Ronald M. Kimmons discusses four different perspectives on human origins and offers a model that harmonizes science and scripture.

Not yet available.

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