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Wild River

by Ronald M. Kimmons

The mystery of the sprawling young metropolis of Wild River began with the disappearance of the continent's ancient inhabitants, who left only ruins and eerie automatons for the settlers to find.

Now, in the wake of the great Slave War, Bandas Riverman has risen from the obscurity of slavery to become a renowned investigator. When three different people ask him to find the same missing woman, Bandas begins to uncover the secrets of the dangerous groups that compete for power in Wild River and throughout the world.

Wealthy families compete for influence. Workers fight for freedom in a world of bondage. People with special hidden powers struggle to survive. Monstrous predators prey upon the weak. And beneath it all, an ancient force trembles with anticipation.

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The City of Wild River

Inspired by mid-19th-century New York and New Orleans, Wild River is a thriving metropolis experiencing the chaotic growth of mass immigration and industrial revolution.

Lying on a great river of the same name, Wild River is the gateway to a continent that was once inhabited by a mysterious people who suddenly disappeared before the first foreign colonists arrived centuries ago.

The government of Wild River is unfortunately inept and corrupt, and its economy and society are dominated by powerful houses and a few other rival groups.


A former slave, Bandas has made a name for himself as a private investigator. But when three separate people hire him to find Selana, he begins to uncover the secrets of some of Wild River's most influential groups.


Daughter of the fearsome Kaltrana family, Levenda has been tasked with finding weaknesses in rival House Tokrawu. But as she experiences more of the world beyond her family, she begins to see things in a new light.


Scion of the ancient and mysterious Tokrawu family, Tagan's life takes an unexpected turn when he falls for a lowly factory worker. He now must balance his family's interests and secrets against what his heart desires.


Until recently, House Tantasidru was one of the most influential houses in Wild River, second only to Tokrawu. With her house's sudden fall, Palorna must return from abroad to salvage what is left and find her family - if they still live.


A mere orphan and factory worker, Selana's life changes forever when she meets Tagan Tokrawu. Now, she has become a target in a struggle beyond anything she ever imagined. 


Desperate to find her friend Selana, Eril has decided to venture into dark places she normally would never enter. But she has an inner strength that will soon come to light.


Labor organizer, gangster, and political boss, Ta'anaf is a ruthless fighter unafraid of going toe-to-toe with the established order. But what few see is his latent goodness - and a seething power that lies just below the surface.

Noketandus Kaltrana

As the least favored son of House Kaltrana, Noket is accustomed to being ignored and belittled. That will soon change.

Secret Powers

In the world of Wild River, some individuals have special powers that are inherited from their ancestors. These are often kept secret, but they can become apparent in times of conflict.


Long assumed to be extinct, Seers are able to pierce the veil of time and space to view that which is hidden to others. However, such vision can take a toll upon the mind.


Perhaps the most detested of the empowered lineages, Skeevers (or Siphoners) draw upon the pain and suffering of others as fuel to give themselves superhuman strength, speed, and healing.


Like Skeevers, Ragers exhibit superhuman physical abilities. However, the source of their power comes from within...and the price can be great.


Also thought to be extinct, Creators are endowed with godlike powers that allow them to shape the world and reality itself to their will. Multiple groups seek to bring the power of the Creators back into the world...but for very different reasons.

Relics of the Ancient World

When explorers came to the New World, they found the ruins of an ancient civilization...but no people. It was a continent of shadows and whispers.

There are stories of how the natives somehow animated fearsome golems to fight their wars. Curious and fearsome statues have been found, but they stand quietly now.

As the people of Wild River push outward to develop the land with the fires of industry, an eccentric woman has warned that, in their greed, they will dig up the devil.

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